Your Dog Safety is important to us

When fitting your tie style dog bandana please ensure that the bandana is safe and comfortable on your pet.  Please ensure that your scarf is loose enough for not restriction of any movement in any form.  We offer both the tie style and over the collar designs and you can choose which you feel will be suitable for you.

Dog Safety Guidelines at Barking Mad Bandanas

Important information

For safety reasons we recommend that your dog is never left unattended either inside the home or outside when wearing their neckerchief.  Do not allow your pet near a naked flame when wearing these accessories.

Barking Mad Bandanas and Barking Mad Clothing accept no liability for the loss, injury or otherwise caused to your dog or others in using any of our products.  More information on liability is on T & C's

Thank you.

Large Golden Retreiver Dogs wearing a Red Bandana