Awesome Dog Bandanas & Pet Accessories

Wow, check out these awesome Dog Bandanas, Scarves and Pet Accessories.  We have something for all Breeds, go on, you know you want to!


Large Do Bandana on a Great Dane UK

Why are our Products Awesome?

We are a proud independent small business who offer pet supplies to both the public and trade industry, including a a wide range of Wholesale Dog Bandanas and Scarves.  We offer a wide range of Accessories  and offer some of the very best in unique handcrafted pet neckwear. We have a range of styles available, from tie on to collar designs.  Excellent quality handmade Accessories with some of the best price deals online.  Many of these products are unique to us and range from the tiny XS Yorkshire Terrier to the Large Dog Breeds such as Great Danes or German Shepherds.  

Halloween Dog Bandana in tie on Scarf, Handmade UK
Funky Union Jack Dog Bandana and Scarf on Large Dog
Blue Dog Bandana on Male Dog, Tie on Style Scarf UK
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Looking Good Boys and Girls

Online Shop for Dog Accessories UK

How do I measure? 

If you are unsure how to measure then check out the online Size Guide.  We do however have a quick guide on each product listing 

Yes, they do look good don't they.  Check out our full product range for some fantastic products

Awesome Handamde Dog Bandanas and Scarves UK

Will the Bandanas fit my Large Dog?

We are pleased to announce that we have a great range of Large and Extra Large Products which are all suitable for these Big dog breeds.  On many product listings you can order direct on there and simply select the Large or Extra Large option depending on the size of your dogs neck.  However, we also have a great range available direct on the Large Products collection.