Why choose a Funky Dog Bandana?

Wow, do we love this collection?  We have a really fab range of Funky Dog Bandanas in a range of sizes and Styles. So why are these funky?  We believe we have a fabulous range of these attractive designs in a range of sizes and styles.  If you want you pet to be 'The Dog about Town', then check theses out and see what you like.  If you are still looking for other designs then take a jump over to our Luxury Range and see what you can find.

Dog Bandana UK by Barking Mad Bandanas in Funky Designs

So what makes these Funky?

We so love these designs of scarves.  These styles are just a little bit different, a little bit quirky and some are even exclusive to us. We are just showing a small collection of the products we have.  If you are looking for inspiration then why not check out the Gallery?

Dog Bandana UK by Barking Mad Bandanas in Funky Designs

How do I Know what Size to choose?

As with all our online products we offer a fantastic size range for all Breeds of Pets.  On each listing there is a quick Size Guide and we also have a more comprehensive Size Chart for all to view

Large Dog Wearing a Dog Gift of a Bandana
Funky Tie Style Dog Bandanas in this Halloween Design
Dog Barking while wearing a Red Tartan Bandana

This is just a small example of our Funky Collection.  Many of these designs are available in both the tie on and collar Style design.

If you have Bigger Dog such as a Great Dane or German Shepherd we have a great range of these products for the Large Dog Breeds

Dog Bandana UK by Barking Mad Bandanas in Funky Designs

Almost Forgot

We have recently added our Fab Dog Bow Ties in a wide range of Designs and style and we think they are pretty Funky Too.

Just a very small collection of our Bow Ties

Red Tartan Bow Tie on Large Dog
Dachshund Pink Bow Tie
Funky Dog Bandanas in Union Jack Design
Camouflage Design Neckerchief  by Bandanas Mad Bandanas
Pretty Pink Dog Bandanas in Butterfly Design

Go on, you know you want to.  Check out these Fun Accessories suitable for all sizes and available in styles.  If these are not quite what you are looking for then take a jump over to our online shop product page and have a good scroll through.

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Looking for more Designs?  

Just Straight to our online store where we have hundreds of Handmade Accessories to choose from