Dog Bandanas, Double sided, Slide on the Collar Star Design Dog Bandanas
Select your Size and design of Dog Bandana

  • You will receive one dog bandana in the size and colour selected 
  • The Dog Collar is not included in the order, sorry
  • These bandanas are 100% cotton
  • The Same lovely design on both sides
  • Reversible
  • Slide on the Collar Dog Bandanas.  Check out the size guide below.
  • All bandanas arrive in attractive retail packaging making it a perfect gift for your dog
  • Patterns may vary slightly due to the the nature of the print on the fabric
  • Washable, warm wash and iron while slightly damp to help keep the shape

Check out the size guide below to help choose which bandana is suitable for your dog breed
4 sizes to choose from and three colours, happy shopping
Please note: The size for the collar is the maximum width. Don't forget to allow space for the buckle to fit through the collar.

  • All sizes are approximate. (Handmade by us in the UK)

Small – 
Fits up to 2.5cm / 1" Collar
Approximate width is 15cm / 6" wide
Usually Suitable Pekingese, Cairn Terrier, Small Dachshund, Small Pugs, Jack Russell, Miniature Poodle and other similar sized breeds 
Medium – 
Fits up to 3.8mm / 1½” width collar
Approximate width is 18.5cm / 7¼” wide
Usually suitable for breeds such as Beagle, Spaniel (Cocker, King Charles), Standard Poodle and other similar sized breeds 
Large – 
Fits up to 3.8 cm /1½” width collar
Approximate width is 26cm / 10" wide
Usually Suitable for breeds such as Labrador, Retrievers, Collie, Boxer, Dalmatian, Doberman, Pointer, Weimaraner and other similar sized breeds 
Extra Large – 
Fits up to 5cm / 2" width collar
Approximate width is 32cm / 12"
Usually suitable for German Shepherd, Great Dane, Greyhound, St Bernard, Rottweiler and other similar sized breeds of dog

Please note all sizes are approximate

Slip on the collar Dog Bandanas, Double Sided, Reversible