Babesiosis Disease in the UK

Banesiosis Disease is in the UK

The UK has been warned about an outbreak of an animal disease that is carried by ticks.

It is the first time that experts have established an outbreak of babesiosis in the country.

In Essex, two dogs have died and three others needed blood transfusions after contracting the disease.

Dog owners in Harlow, Essex have been warned to be viligant about ticks carrying the Babesia canis parasite. Local councils have placed warning signs throughout the area of Harlow warning dog owners to be vigilant. The tick outbreak may well spread throughout the country.

What are the symptons if my dog has the babesiosis tick?

- The symptoms of the babesiosis tick include weakness, lethargy, pale gums, red urine and fever.

What could happen if my dog has a babesiosis tick?

- "Clive Swainsbury is a vet at the Forest Veterinary Centre in Harlow. He has been treating some of infected dogs, including the one that died."The parasite enters the bloodstream, enters the cells, and in the process of trying to kill the parasite the dog will actually destroy its own blood cells. So they become very anaemic."The expectation is that it will spread throughout the country".

Banesiosis Disease

For Live updates in Essex please check out

BBC Essex

More information

Information from the BBC Essex Website.

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