Dogs Behaving Badly (The DogFather TV Show)

Graeme Hall Dog Trainer

  • Do you have a badly behaved Dog or Pet?

  • What is the worse thing or behaviour your pet has got up to? I have a few I can I recall! One was eaten a shoe lace from a beloved pair of boots.... Ask myself who's fault was this? The Puppy, who was just learning and playing or mine for leaving the boots too close to call? Mine of course....

I have seen Graeme Hall on the TV Show "#DogsBehavingVeryBadly@channel5_tv "

What do you think?

I think it is definitely one to watch when having a badly behaved Dog or Pet. The show reinforces good behaviour by owners who in-turn transfer good behaviour to their animals and pets. Good consistent guidelines are set and it is definitely worth a watch.

This might be worth a watch ...

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