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Collar Bandana



Collar Neck Scarves

Not just for Birthday

Are you looking for an independent handcrafted dog gift made in the UK? You have come to the right place.  These Pet Scarves are a perfect gift for you pooch and suitable for all Breeds, from the tiny Yorkshire Terriers, Bull Terriers and the Large Dog Breeds such as a German Shepherd 

Neckerchief Scarf Sizes

What Size Scarf do I need?

We offer a range of sizes in our over the collar Dog Bandanas.  We have a comprehensive Size Guide for all styles of neck scarves. Please use this guide to help with assisting you.   On each product listing there is also a quick guide.   If you have any enquiries please contact us.

Red Tartan Collar Dog, Handmade UK
Large Dog Breeds Wearing a Neckerchief UK



Do you have a Big Dog Breed?

No problem, Check out this

Large and Extra Large Collection

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These are fantastic Birthday Gifts but not only for that special day but suitable for all year round.  It is a Gift that keeps on Giving