We are pleased to offer a wide range of Dog Bandanas and dog clothing accesories all handmade by us at Barking Mad Bandana.  All Dog Clothing accessories are handcut by us in the UK.  We offer all our dog bandanas in a wide range of sizes and a wide range of designs.

Please Check the SIZE CHART for Dog Bandana measurements.  

Small and Medium / Large Side on the collar bandanas.

Value Slide on the Collar Dog Bandana.  

100% cotton and available in two sizes, Small and Medium / Large.  These Dog Bandanas are the Slide on the collar design and are the value range in a random selection of styles.  All designs will vary.  They are single sided and cut with pinking shears at the side. Perhaps ideal for dog groomers or customers with a number of dogs

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  • Available in 10, 20 and 50 packs

  • Example of designs in the pack. Choose from Boy, Girl or Mix designs


Suitable for toy and small breeds, with a gap suitable for a 3cm wide collar

15cm wide x 12cm high


Medium / Large =

Suitable for medium and larger dogs, with a gap suitable for a 4cm wide collar

21cm wide x 17cm high

All sizes are approximate measurements as all are

cut by hand

Value Range of Slide on the collar dog bandanas.

You will receive a random mix of designs

Double Sided Slide on the Collar Dog Bandanas

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  • Doubled Sided

  • 100% Cotton

  • Ideal Birthday Gift

  • Reversible

  • We now offer a range of sizes and styles in this quality handmade slip on the collar dog bandanas.  

  • We have sizes ranging from XS to XL, Plenty more designs available.  

  • These are ideal Birthday gifts for your dog, Happy Shopping!